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Koh Lipe is open for tourists.

Koh Lipe is open for tourists. From today (July 1st, 2020), Koh Lipe Island is open and ready to welcome back tourists to the island. Limited ferry services have resumed from Pak Bara. Speed boats are departing at 11.30 am, and return ferries are departing from Koh Lipe at 9.30 am. You can check prices … Read more

Koh Lipe or Langkawi?

Koh Lipe or Langkawi? Are you looking to decide between Koh lipe or Langkawi? I have often been asked to choose between Koh Lipe island or Langkawi as a preferred destination, however, it isn’t a straight forward choice, both islands are well worth a visit. I have visited both places on numerous occasions and if you have … Read more

The 8 Best Hotels on Koh Lipe Island

A sunset on Koh Lipe island

The 8 Best Hotels on Koh Lipe Island – 2022/2023 Over the last few years koh Lipe Island has seen an increase number of visitors both in the low season and the High season. Tourism has led to a number of new hotels and resorts being developed across the island. Many of these new hotels and resorts … Read more