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Koh Lipe Hotels and Resorts

The amount of hotels and resorts on Koh Lipe has grown rapidly over the last few years. Tourists from all over the world have heard of the clear seas and pristine beaches that Koh Lipe has to offer.

The result of the increased tourism has led to a hotel explosion as more and more tourists are looking for somewhere to stay. Just a few years ago the choice of resorts would have been limited to just a handful of basic establishments that catered mainly for backpackers.

An increase in tourism has resulted in different types of travellers visiting Koh Lipe with different budgets and different needs.

Backpackers and divers are still drawn to Koh Lipe but now they are joined by a more affluent tourist and families who seek different facilities and types of hotels and resorts.

There are still establishments that cater for those on a budget but there are also hotels and resorts catering to those looking for something more luxurious. Simply put anyone looking to visit Koh Lipe has a wide range of options available to them.

There are too many hotels and resorts to name on one page alone so we have categorised them into their relevant sections: Pattaya, Sunset, Sunrise, Walking Street / Centre.

walking street koh lipe

Koh Lipe Walking street

Koh Lipe – Walking street Walking Street isn’t just a way of getting from A to B it has a lot to offer. It’s a relaxed place – a great hangout after the sun has disappeared. After dark is when Walking Street really gets going and there’s a good selection of restaurants that cater for … Read more
Sunset Beach Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach (Haad Pramong) Facing West, Sunset beach is the smallest of the main beaches Koh Lipe has to offer being only approximately 200m long. The beach has a lagoon that is adorned with large boulders that gallantly rise above the sand/surf. Although restaurants and accommodation are more limited here than the popular Pattaya beach, … Read more
Thai boat at Sunrise Beach Koh Lipe slider image

Koh Lipe Sunrise Beach

Koh Lipe Sunrise Beach As the name suggests, Sunrise beach offers visitors beautiful skies during the early morning. Stretching the entire length of the Eastern side of Koh Lipe, Sunrise beach is called “Haad Chao Ley” due to the Chao Ley village being located there. Protected from heavy rains and offering a cool breeze to visitors, Sunrise … Read more
Pattaya Beach at Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe Pattaya Beach

Koh Lipe Pattaya Beach The most popular beach on Koh Lipe is Pattaya beach. Located on the South side of the island it offers a lively atmosphere with an abundance of accommodation, restaurants, bars and spas nearby. Being the closest beach to Walking Street, it is very busy during High Season as the Langkawi to Koh Lipe ferries drop … Read more