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Pakbara to Koh Lipe Schedule 2024

The Pakbara to Koh Lipe route is indispensable for travelers, providing year-round access to Koh Lipe from the mainland. This essential service operates daily, ensuring dependable and efficient speedboat transfers throughout the year. It forms the main gateway for visitors to reach Koh Lipe’s easily any time of the year.

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While the Pakbara to Koh Lipe route offers consistent service year-round, travelers should be aware that the frequency of departures may be reduced during the low season. This period of limited service underscores the importance of planning and verifying schedules in advance.

Koh Lipe Infographic explaining the travel distance between Pakbara pie and Koh Lipe pattaya beach. It usually takes around 1.3 hours but sometimes it stops at koh Tarutao and koh Khai on the way. Extending the travel time to 2 hours.

Traveling from Pakbara Pier to Koh Lipe’s Pattaya Beach generally takes about 1.3 hours by speedboat. However, this duration can increase to 2 hours if the route includes stops at picturesque locations like Koh Khai and Koh Tarutao, offering passengers additional scenic views along their journey.

Pak Bara to Koh Lipe Schedule and Prices
Departure Point Departure Time Arrival Point Arrival Time Average Price (Baht)
Pak Bara 9:30 Koh Lipe (Pattaya Beach) 11:00 Adults: 600
Infants: Free
Pak Bara 11:15 Koh Lipe (Pattaya Beach) 12:30
Pak Bara 11:30 Koh Lipe (Pattaya Beach) 13:00
The speedboat at Pak Bara Pier waiting for passengers to ferry them to Koh Lipe.
The pier at Pak Bara Thailand

Step-by-Step travel checklist for the journey from Pakbara to Koh Lipe

  1. Check the Schedule:
    • Daily speedboat services are available from Pakbara to Koh Lipe year-round. Note that there may be limited services during the low season, typically one trip per day.
  2. Purchase Your Ticket:
    • It’s advisable to buy tickets online in advance or at the pier, with the option to book for further destinations in Thailand. Comparing prices and services from various operators is recommended.
  3. Plan Your Departure:
    • Departures to Koh Lipe (Pattaya Beach) from Pakbara Pier usually occur at 9:30 AM, 11:15 AM, and 11:30 PM. Confirm schedules closer to your departure.
  4. Check-In and Boarding:
    • Arrive at Pakbara Pier at least 30 minutes before departure, with tickets and ID documents ready for check-in. Facilities are available at the pier for any last-minute needs.

Travel Checklist for the Ferry Trip

  • Comfort and Safety:
    • Bring a cushion or portable seat pad for extra comfort, especially if you have back issues. It can jolt your back going over the waves!
  • Weather Preparedness:
    • Pack a waterproof jacket or poncho to stay dry in case of rain.
  • Sea Sickness Prevention:
    • Bring sea sickness tablets or motion sickness bands, especially if you’re prone to seasickness.
  • Sun Protection:
    • Apply sunscreen with high SPF, even if sitting in the shaded areas, the back of the speedboat has less shade
  • Hydration and Snacks:
    • Bring a bottle of water or hydrating fluids to stay hydrated during the journey.
  • Additional Tips:
    • If you prefer less sun exposure, avoid sitting at the back of the boat.
    • Keep your electronics and valuables in waterproof bags or cases.
    • Dress in layers or bring a light jacket, as it can get windy on the boat.
  • In Case of Delays:
    • Have a flexible mindset and be prepared for potential changes in travel times. They do usually run on time but not always!
Infographic Where to next? It displays other popular destinations close by

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  • Koh Lipe to Phuket: Transitioning from the serenity of Koh Lipe, travelers find Phuket’s lively streets, vibrant nightlife, and picturesque beaches a dynamic contrast.
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