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Koh Lipe to Koh Lanta Speedboat Schedule 2024

Traveling from Koh Lipe to Koh Lanta involves a direct speedboat journey, boats depart from Pattaya Beach in Koh Lipe and ferry passengers to Saladan Pier in Koh Lanta.

Average ticket prices range from 1,750 Baht for adults to 1,140-1,400 Baht for children, with varying rates for infants depending on the operator.

This guide details everything you need to know about schedules, prices, and essential travel tips for both high and low seasons. Take a look here for all Koh Lanta to Koh Lipe speedboat services.

The journey from Koh Lanta to Koh Lipe is by speedboat, there are no direct ferry services for this route. There are daily departures in the high season. During the low season, travellers can opt instead to take the speedboat to Pakbara, followed by a van trip to Koh Lanta. (This option is also available in the high season If you prefer a shorter boat trip.

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Speedboat Schedule and Prices
Depart From Departure Time Arrive At Arrival Time Average Price (Baht)
Koh Lipe (Pattaya Beach) 9:00 AM Koh Lanta (Saladan Pier) 12:00 PM Adults: 1750
Children: 1140-1400
Infants: Free-500
Koh Lipe (Pattaya Beach) 12:30 PM Koh Lanta (Saladan Pier) 3:00 PM
A Speedboat at Saladang Pier Koh Lanta dropping off passangers from Koh Lipe
The Koh Lipe to Koh Lanta Speedboat. Ferring passengers between the 2 islands. Life jackets and a cover to protect from the weather are in the picture.

Step-by-Step Travel Checklist from Koh Lipe to Koh Lanta

  1. Check the Schedule:
    • High Season (Until mid-May): Daily speedboat services.
    • Low Season (Late October – November): No service; overland travel to via speedboat then a van or taxi to Koh Lanta.
  2. Purchase Your Ticket:
    • Book online, or buy a ticket at the pier.
    • Compare prices and promotions from different operators.
    • You can check prices here. for Koh Lanta hotel transfers. Select the taxi plus ferry option and add your hotel.
  3. Plan Your Departure:
    • From Koh Lipe (Pattaya Beach) to Koh Lanta (Saladan Pier).
    • Departure times: 09:00 AM or 12:30 PM.
    • Check prices and availability.
  4. Check-In and Boarding:
    • Arrive at least 30 minutes before departure. (Check your ticket for exact time as it can differ between operators).
    • Keep tickets and identification documents handy.
    • It can be hot at Koh Lipe beach, but there are places to sit and get a drink in the shade.

Alternative Low/High Season Route Koh Lipe to Koh Lanta

  • Route: Koh Lipe – Pak Bara – Koh Lanta (7h Ferry+Van)
  • Departure: 09:30 AM from Koh Lipe
  • Arrival: Koh Lanta with hotel transfer at 4:30 PM
  • Book here.

Travel Checklist for the Ferry Trip

  • Comfort and Safety:
    • Bring a cushion or portable seat pad for extra comfort, especially if you have back issues. It can jolt your back going over the waves!
  • Weather Preparedness:
    • Pack a waterproof jacket or poncho to stay dry in case of rain.
  • Sea Sickness Prevention:
    • Bring sea sickness tablets or motion sickness bands, especially if you’re prone to seasickness.
  • Sun Protection:
    • Apply sunscreen with high SPF, even if sitting in the shaded areas, the back of the speedboat has less shade
  • Hydration and Snacks:
    • Bring a bottle of water or hydrating fluids to stay hydrated during the journey.
  • Additional Tips:
    • If you prefer less sun exposure, avoid sitting at the back of the boat.
    • Keep your electronics and valuables in waterproof bags or cases.
    • Dress in layers or bring a light jacket, as it can get windy on the boat.
  • In Case of Delays:
    • Have a flexible mindset and be prepared for potential changes in travel times. They do usually run on time but not always!

Remember, safety and comfort are key for an enjoyable journey.