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Koh Adang: A Hidden Unspoiled Beauty

Koh Adang is a remote tropical island paradise located in Thailand’s Tarutao National Marine Park, just a short tailboat ride across from the popular tourist destination Koh Lipe.

Largely undeveloped and devoid of crowds, Koh Adang offers visitors the chance to enjoy pristine beaches, lush rainforests, scenic hiking trails, remarkable reefs, and exceptional serenity.  

A sign on Koh Adang that gives a brief description of the flora and fauna of the island

Koh Adang Quick Guide

Koh Adang Summary
Category Details Recommendations
Getting There Longtail boat from Koh Lipe; Approx. 10-15 minute ride. Arrange return trip in advance. Do not swim between islands.
Accommodation Adang Island Resort or basic bungalows/camping. Book in advance, especially during peak season. No need to book for camping
Activities Viewpoints, Hiking, Waterfalls Visit Koh Lipe Viewpoint at sunset, trek to Pirate’s Waterfall.
Essentials to Bring Water, Mosquito spray, Proper footwear Wear suitable shoes for hiking, bring enough water and insect repellent.
Additional Tips No ATMs, limited food services Carry cash, some snacks and water for hikes.
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What to bring to Koh Adang

When planning a trip to Koh Adang or the viewpoint, bring the usual stuff, mosquito repellent, sunscreen etc. it’s practical to carry more water than you think you’ll need if you are planning on going up to the viewpoint. On my hike, I went through almost 2 litres of water. Also remember to bring your national park entrance ticket that you would have purchased on Koh lipe or you may be charged again. On my trip nobody asked to see a ticket.

Koh Adang National Park Fee

Adult foreigners are charged a fee of 200 Baht, while children are charged 100 Baht. Conversely, Thai adults are charged 40 Baht and Thai children 20 Baht.

Although the island’s restaurant offers water and snacks for sale, depending on it might not be the best plan due to its limited hours.

Koh Adang Visitor Centre. At this location you pay the entrance fee to.

Accommodation on Koh Adang

Accommodation options on Koh Adang Island are limited to either the upscale Adang Island Resort or more modest options like basic bungalows and camping facilities, which are managed by the Tarutao National Park Ranger Station. If you do decide to camp watch out for the monkeys and any food you may have!

Koh Adang Camping Fee

Camping Sign Koh Adang with prices 30 Baht Tent Fee 340 Baht
  • Camping 30 Baht per person per night
  • Tent hire fee 340 Baht for 2 people

Koh Adang Bungalows

These basic bungalows are 1500 per night, they are a little basic but most have good views. They can however be a little difficult to book. In the handy numbers section below I have left some contact details. I would try and get someone who can speak Thai to call on your behalf. I had no response the last time I tried emailing them and the Thai website often does not work!

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The island also hosts a small restaurant serving both campers and bungalow guests. The Adang Island Resort offers amenities typical of its price range, including a swimming pool and restaurant.

Regardless of whether you opt for a budget-friendly choice or prefer to spend a bit more, Koh Adang offers an ideal retreat into nature, providing a serene getaway that feels distinctly detached from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. It’s a perfect destination for those looking to explore a less trodden path in Thailand.

Getting to Koh Adang

Most visitors reach Koh Adang by taking a longtail boat from the neighbouring island of Koh Lipe, a well-known destination. To get to Koh Lipe, travellers typically fly from Bangkok to Hat Yai Airport, then proceed to Pakbara Pier. Speedboats from this pier offer direct trips to Koh Lipe. Alternatively, a popular route for those coming from Malaysia includes taking a ferry from Langkawi directly to Koh Lipe.

Longtail boat from Koh Lipe to Koh Adang:

  • Convenient for shorter distances or customizable schedules.
  • Price: 100 Baht from sunset and sunrise beach 200 Baht from Pattaya
Taxi boat sign with prices from Koh Lipe to Koh Adang. One way 100 baht
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Once on Koh Lipe, longtail boats can be hired from Sunset, Sunrise or Pattaya Beach to make the quick hop over to Koh Adang. The boat ride lasts approximately 10 -15 minutes, depending on currents and winds.

A map of Koh Adang located near the visitor centre

You can find long-tail boats willing to take you there from multiple locations on Sunrise Beach. (I got mine close to Benny’s on the Beach Vegetarian Cafe.) Rates are a standardised 100 baht (Just under $3 USD) per person each way from Sunset and Sunrise and 200 baht from Pattaya beach. (Just under 6$ USD)

If you are staying at Adang Island Resort, they will arrange to pick you up for free from their meeting point on Koh Lipe.

Do negotiate your return trip time beforehand, as there are not always longtails waiting on the Koh Adang side. And while the distance may seem short enough to swim, the currents between the islands can be extremely dangerous, so passage by boat is absolutely required.

You can also kayak, but again, it can be a little difficult to kayak at times due to the strong currents and choppy waters. If you are experienced enough, however, it should not be too much of a problem.

  • Fly to Hat Yai Airport from Bangkok 
  • Transit to Pakbara Pier 
  • Take ferry/speedboat to Koh Lipe 
  • Hire longtail boat from Sunset Beach, Sunrise or Pattaya Koh Lipe to Koh Adang 
  • Locate boats at northern end of beach near walking street 
  • 100 – 200 baht (Just under $3-6 USD) per person each way 
  • Journey is 10-15 minutes 
  • Negotiate the return trip time in advance 
  • Do not attempt to swim between islands; currents are extremely dangerous 

Viewpoints & Hiking Trails on Koh Adang

A sign for Chado Cliff, highlighting the way to the Koh Adang viewpoint

Koh Adang Viewpoint Pha Chado

One of the main attractions drawing visitors to Koh Adang is the hike up to the Viewpoint “Pha Chado” to see a wonderful view of Koh Lipe. Located inland up in the densely forested hills, this scenic trail leads to three separate viewpoints, with the third being the most spectacular. 

The first photo in a series of three showing the steep path to Koh Adang viewpoint
photo 2 showing the steep path to Koh Adang viewpoint
rocky steep path to Koh Adang viewpoint

Along the way, hikers can expect lush jungle teeming with wildlife. You may see monkeys, lizards, and eagles or even the odd hornbill, along the way! The trek typically takes 45 minutes to reach the final viewpoint. Each viewpoint takes roughly 15 minutes.

The view Viewpoint 1 Koh Adang overlooking the Andaman sea
The view from Viewpoint 2 Koh Adang

The highlight of the hike is the third and final viewpoint, which is often considered well worth the effort due to its stunning rewards. The Koh Lipe Viewpoint offers a spectacular west-facing view, providing an expansive panorama of Koh Lipe and the sea stretching into the horizon.

Sunset is particularly magical for photographers, offering unparalleled opportunities for breathtaking shots. However, the views are Impressive at any time of day and guaranteed to leave visitors in awe. Legend has it that this spot was once a lookout point for pirates monitoring passing boats.

The breath-taking view from Koh Adang Viewpoint three overlooking Koh Lipe.

It’s important to avoid attempting this activity in wet or rainy weather, as the conditions can become slippery. The trail has steep sections, and at times, you’ll need to hold onto ropes or branches for stability. During dry conditions, proper walking sandals or sneakers are suitable footwear, but I would not wear flip flops, the ground is far too unstable.

Koh Adang waterfalls 

Namtok Chon Salat “Pirate’s Waterfall” and Ratana Waterfall

Pirate’s Waterfall, also known as “Namtok Chon Salat,” stands out as a key attraction within Koh Adang’s natural landscape. Found via a jungle trail that is not well-marked and located on the west end of the main beach, reaching this waterfall can be challenging.

Monkey on Koh Adang

The path may be difficult to follow at times, lacking clear signs, which means visitors will need some navigation skills. Prepare for a demanding 45-minute hike through the jungle to get there. Despite the effort required, arriving at Pirate’s Waterfall provides a refreshing opportunity to cool down and enjoy a break in the natural surroundings.

Huge Tree on Koh Adang

Koh Adang also harbours other waterfalls, such as Ratana Waterfall, which truly comes alive and reveals its beauty only during the wet season, disappearing in the dry season.

Is the trek to Pirate’s Waterfall worth it? While the waterfall may not boast large or powerful water flows, it provides a rewarding adventure for those willing to embrace the trek. If you’re looking for an adventure and have time to spare, it’s worth a visit. Just be sure to wear proper footwear, bring insect repellent, and pack enough food and water before setting out on your journey.

Facilities and services on Koh Adang

The national park area of Koh Adang provides some basic facilities and services for visitors. This includes a restaurant that serves simple and affordable Thai dishes. There are also toilets available for visitors.

The restaurant is not open all day. It is open in the morning until after lunch, then again in the evening.

Restaurant On Koh Adang

There are no ATMs on Koh Adang, so be sure to bring adequate cash for the length of time you plan on staying. There isn’t much to spend your money on other than food or drinks.

Returning to Koh Lipe from Koh Adang

While facilities are minimalist, travellers can easily return to the more developed Koh Lipe for more dining and activity options. Whether you fancy Italian, Indian, or authentic local specialties, Koh Lipe’s walking street and beaches feature cuisine to meet all cravings. 

Conclusion Is Koh Adang worth it?

Koh Adang is worth staying for a night or two. Or at least a visit for a few hours if you are staying at Koh Lipe. It gives travellers seeking an off-the-beaten-path that has a different vibe to Koh Lipe.

Handy Contact Information for Koh Adang

Further details on Koh Adang and making local arrangements can be found via the Tarutao National Marine Park website at

Emails can also be directed to [email protected] or phone +66 7471 2409 or +66 7478 3485. 

Koh Adang Island Resort

Phone: (+66) 89-654-8888
[email protected]